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Who We Are

Fourth Dimension Group is an Electronic-CRO company founded in Jeddah / Saudi Arabia Yr2004 with a clear "vision & mission" by a group of experienced medical and pharmaceutical consultants. our task is to provide both medical & pharmaceutical industries with a hi-tech intelligent medical researches, registries and clinical trials' total solution quality remote systems that is designed according to ICH / GCP guidelines and electronically controlled according to the FDA 21 CFR Part-11 guidelines that adds artificial smart controls, security, speed and quality to every part of any running process. 

Having 4THD electronic systems functioning along with each & every standard procedure will make each step of any given research, registry or trial process more efficient and easier to manage. As a result, we keep all parties well connected & the protocol compliance of any running project well-monitored that helps in a clean, faster & assertive data management, monitoring, Audits and inspections & data analysis while meeting compliance and all regulations and guidelines is a matter of fact.

We moved our headquarter to Toronto - Canada at the end of Yr2007 and expanded our operational offices & development sites to four more countries: (Greece, Jordan, Singapore & India)


To occupy the leading position in the electronic medical databases industry.



Our success, in large part, believed to be based on a business philosophy that values scientific quality services & products, fiscal independence and long-term customer relationships.


 Quality Services & Products

When all is said and done, reliability is the measurement by which we should be judged. Apparently, fourth dimension group is working hardly to earn an excellent reputation in providing the following premium-quality, rock-solid products:

-   4THD E-Medical Registries

-   4THD E-Medical Researches

-   4THD E-Clinical Trials

-   4THD E-Medical promotional tools including the electronic scientific detailing

-   4THD E-Medical & pharmaceutical dictionaries & atlases

-   4THD Dynamic & interactive Medical/Pharmaceutical websites & databases

-   4THD Electronic territory management system for pharmaceutical companies.

-   A to Z full electronic pharmaceutical marketing campaigns for new launch drugs starting from strategic & tactical plans & ending by relevant agreed upon marketing tools & activities.

Fiscal Independence

Besides our sufficient working capital, fourth dimension group believes in financing its own growth through the earnings to come, and we have seriously planned to do so.  our strong structure, well-experienced team members, and diversity of services & products give us the ability to control our economic cycles and turn them in our favor. in addition to assure a long term financial stability, award-winning feature-rich services & products, and dedicated management & technical staff, really you can count on fourth dimension group to be around & supportive for many years to come.

Long-term Customer Relationships

We know the importance of Long-term customer relationships, therefore, we believe in developing and fostering partnerships that are mutually beneficial. fourth dimension will always be, and continue to be, a successful communication channels-focused company. our servicing, relationships quality & model accounts for all fourth dimension members & not only for its representative team.

We view our success as dependent on our customers' success, both now and in the future.   Our marketing consultations & solutions help our customers reduce costs, lower risks and grow revenues. We stand behind our services & products with unlimited support. in short, our goal is to help our customers achieve a competitive advantage by providing services & solutions that yield superior business results


Imagine, Build, Solve, Empower & Lead - Five giant verbs that express what it is to be part of fourth dimension group. Their action indicates something about who we are & how we should invest to energize ourselves and our teams to remarkably be one of a kind in terms of performance & services.


For more than 3 years of planning, fourth dimension group has decided to derive the imaginative spirit in the targeted market places. We do believe in the businesses we are going to invent and build will solve, ease & clear the way to our clients for their own business prosperity. Consequently, empowering them to get their full market potential   & leading them to success.

We have made up our minds that what we will do and how we will work is to be distinctly fourth dimension group dna map. greatly relying in who we are, what we believe, where we are heading to & how we'll get to our goal. it's how we Imagine, Build, Solve, Empower & Lead.


When the idea of founding the fourth dimension group crossed our minds, we felt deep inside that growing the ability to imagine will make a big difference in our development using by that the verb “imagine” as a sense of possibility that leads us the way to an outstanding thinking beyond our distinctive services.


It's so much clear to our side how to visualize our future, where we're going & when to reach. its really a reflection of where we are going to start from. It's not a matter of deciding on a destination. It's a healthy positive argument that initiates building our growth. Therefore, when we look to the future, we know that for us, there's only one way to get there. Build.


As a matter of fact, every business has to have a reason to exist - a reason that answers the question of "why are we in the market?"  Apparently, this big question has a simple answer in fourth dimension group belief:   we exist to solve problems - for our clients and for ourselves as well.

Empower & Lead.

Both verbs are the vital elements among all the I.B.S.E.L values.

By those values, -for sure- fourth dimension group has a big responsibility. Not because of the efforts to be exerted in keeping up a continuous empowerment for the clients & ourselves or leading them & ourselves all the way to success.

It’s really the responsibility to do our plans differently, and then maintain the status of our working standards in the present & the future. in short, the biggest responsibility is to commit ourselves to sharpening our “ability to change” all the time.

We believe that “empower is the fuel to change, & change is the spirit of “lead.

Really, it's an emergency call for us to maintain empowering & leading actions to be first in every service we do.

We provide the following premium marketing services:

-   4THD E-Medical Registries

-   4THD E-Medical Researches

-   4THD E-Clinical Trials

-   4THD E-Medical promotional tools

-   4THD E-Medical  dictionaries & atlases

-   4THD interactive Med/Pharm. webs & databases

-   4THD E-territory management system for pharma.



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